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Product catalogue website for a specialist local bridal boutique

Prudence Gowns website project mockup on multiple devices
Project Brief:

Prudence Gowns, a renowned specialist bridal boutique in Plymouth, approached Blue Sky Web Design with a requirement for a website that would showcase their exquisite bridal gown collection. They aimed to provide a seamless experience for brides-to-be, helping them browse products effortlessly and book appointments online.

What We Did:

We developed a bespoke product catalogue website tailored to the unique aesthetic of Prudence Gowns. Realising the importance of a smooth user experience, we implemented advanced product search and filtering capabilities. This ensures that users can quickly find their desired bridal wear by refining their searches based on preferences. Our team introduced a custom design that resonated with the elegance and sophistication of the boutique.

Recognising the rise of mobile browsing, we ensured the site was fully mobile-friendly, providing a consistent experience across all devices. An integral part of the project was the integration of appointment booking forms, streamlining the process for potential clients.

Lastly, to enrich the website’s content and connect with a broader audience, we integrated YouTube, allowing Prudence Gowns to showcase videos of their collections, behind-the-scenes moments, and testimonials.

Final Result:

Blue Sky Web Design delivered a minimalist yet captivating website for Prudence Gowns, aligning with their brand ethos. The tailored product catalogue website now stands as a digital reflection of their boutique – elegant, user-friendly, and accessible.

Brides-to-be can effortlessly navigate through the collection, watch related videos, and easily book appointments, enhancing their journey from browsing to saying ‘yes’ to their perfect dress.


Prudence Gowns, Plymouth

Project Deliverables:
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